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We need to work to keep our home fires burning. Whether we are working for someone or are self employed is immaterial, we need to be doing something meaningful, with our short lives. To succeed in a job we need to look for vacancies that are advertised in the various media.

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Whilst millions of vacancies arise around the world for many top jobs, here in Sri Lanka too many new Sri Lankan jobs are advertised daily. These new jobs are of different categories and could be just for school leavers or for highly qualified and experienced top job seekers.

When new job vacancies are advertised, depending on the demand for jobs in that particular industry the response could be gauged and if the media used has not been effective enough another medium could be used thereafter. A very popular medium that is used for jobs in Sri Lanka is the rakiyawa website. This website carries some of the best jobs found in Sri Lanka today.

Prior to browsing the rakiyawa website for top jobs, you should have done an analysis of your qualifications, experience and strengths so that you would have a general idea of what you are looking to succeed in Sri Lankan jobs.

You could put down all your strengths in your CV which is the universally recognized document that is accepted by all employers to study the suitability of prospective candidates applying for vacancies in their organizations.

The top job Sri Lanka marketing platform has brought forth very enterprising young men and women alike, to the forefront of the corporate sector of this island nation. To get the attention of a prospective employer, your CV should be impressive and precise in the information that it provides about you. Whilst being informative it should also be short and cover all the relevant and important strengths that you have and which would impress the reader.

It is on the strength of your CV that you could be selected to be called up for an interview, hence it is imperative that you design it for optimum effect and maximum exposure of your capabilities and attributes.

The website that you intend to find the top job Sri Lanka would guide and advice you on the finer points in submitting an application, but it is your ultimate responsibility to see that all the information that you need to convey is presented well.   


In days of yore advertising was employing, town criers to hang placards from their shoulders on either side of their torso and walk around the city ringing hand bells, to draw the attention of those around. They would also cry out the details of the subject matter for those who were unable to read, the placards that they were carrying, as literacy rates were low.

Today the World has developed in leaps and bounds, computers, the internet and a high literacy rate in most countries have brought everything from knowledge, information, products and a multitude of services to your finger tips. We only need to decide what we want and what we need to know it is just a matter of sitting at a computer with access to the internet and you get all the information you need.

Three major companies, Google, Bing and Yahoo have developed their own information reservoirs and these reservoirs of information are called search engines, which could store unquantifiable amounts of information and can be retrieved by anyone wanting to do so. When you are in need of any information one word of what you want to know entered into a search engine will bring out all the information that is available.

The word that you would think of and key in would be called a keyword, and depending on your selection of the keyword the information that you would get on your computer screen on top, is crucial from a marketing point of view. This is called search engine optimization, which is abbreviated as SEO.

A seo company who handles the websites for their clients would always want the company that they represent to be on the top page which would give them exposure as providing effective seo services. This is used to provide digital marketing services to a cross section of their clients. The race to be on top of the page, places a digital marketing agency like Melbourne seo in the thick of the search engine marketing industry or sem.

This easily accessible medium is used by small, medium and large companies alike to create an online marketing strategy to sell their products and services. Prospective buyers of the products or services offered these search marketing strategies to fulfill their needs of gaining those products or services to their utmost satisfaction. This marketing medium is today very popular worldwide and is used profusely.       



The establishment of Bexhibit in the year 2013 saw an appreciable increase in the number of assignments that were awarded to models registered with us, during the last couple of years. The quantum of Sri Lankan models registering with us taking into consideration the advantages offered to them has also seen an increase since we came into being.

The high level of confidentiality offered by us, without discrimination of the status quo of either male models or female models has drawn a vast section of models in Sri Lanka to come over and register with us.

The confidence reposed in us by them will be always upheld and under no circumstances would we deviate from our set norms and principles, which has been our forte during this short period of time that we have been in business.

Prior to anyone from the vast array of various employers registered with us and willing to hire Sri Lankan models, we assure our charges that no profile would be forwarded without prior approvals and re-checking of those wanting to access the profiles of our models.

Our commitment to provide a level playing field to all those registered with us from either side of the divide is our advantage over other modeling institutions, be they agencies or otherwise.

Bexhibit was founded on very precise fundamentals and we have adhered to protect them since our establishment, which we wish to carry forward into the future too. Our commitment to facilitate the future prospects of our Sri Lankan hot models by opening up the international fashion industry for them is on track.

We are pursuing every avenue possible to bring international players into our domain and offer the opportunities that have been lost to our fashion industry. Marketing Sri Lanka as an exotic destination for international players to come over and make our country the hub of fashion in Asia is our ultimate goal.

If we could provide opportunities for our talented and enthusiastic models for fashion shows and other events, we would not only put our country of the world fashion map, but would also offer unprecedented opportunities for our supporting personnel. We have very talented teams of those supporting the fashion industry and we would provide them a platform too.